Backend Developer · Dec 2018 - Aug 2021 · 2 yrs 9 mos

As a backend developer in Hexaco, I built, extended and maintened a SaaS related to health insurance plans.

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Hexaco is a 360° web agency with main focus on IT Services and IT Consulting

During my time at Hexaco, I was part of a development team engaged in building a SaaS related to health insurance plans.

The product was designed to help users find the best health insurance plan for their needs.

Our main client AOC, a well kwnown insurance broker in France, that help expatriates and travellers compare the best international health insurance plans for expatriates around the world.

My role at Hexaco

Backend Developer

December 2018 to August 2021 · 2 yrs 9 mos

My work at Hexaco

As a developer for a SaaS company in the insurance industry, my main focus has been on developing and maintaining a life insurance comparison tool for individuals, families, and professionals.

Responsibilities during my work
  • Adaptive Comparisons
    • Developed a product capable of customizing comparisons based on customer needs, utilizing an Excel spreadsheet upload to specify insurer rules, coverage amounts, types, durations, and more.
  • AOC Rewards Program
    • Launched a loyalty program where users can earn and redeem points for insurance plans or items at partnered stores.
  • Legacy Development Consolidation
    • Started with two separate projects for individuals and businesses and consolidated the business logic into a single project to enhance maintenance and deployment efficiency.
Additionally at Hexaco I also

Built a API Rest for a particular client, that was used to manage the content of a website, Innerfire.

Innerfire is a not-for-profit publishing platform about consciousness. It offers its audience with content on a different set of consciousness related topics. Content is generated by the Innerfire community.


  • Login system development
  • User panel implementation
  • Article creation feature
  • Email system integration
Some of the tools I frequently utilized in my day-to-day work
  • Node.JS, Express, Loopback 3, Sails.JS, Swagger
  • MySQL, Views, Store Procedures, MongoDB
  • Mailchimp, CSV Parser, PDF Generator
  • Passport (middleware for authentication)
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging